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Tony Stark, billionaire playboy and part-time advanced technology hoarder, has been in a lot of relationships throughout the course of his comic book, dating or nailing every female character who crossed his path. Their emotionally naked staring contest is interrupted by a meteor full of aliens, which is a godsend to anyone who didn't want to see Batman and Superman kiss, but total blue balls to that small fringe group that did. Hell, from the looks of things, he can barely restrain himself from pouring them some wine and having a two-person tango right there in the Fortress of Solitude. Toon Sex - Characters - Superman - Spider gal. Superman porn xxx cartoon action. Innocent Teens vs Hot Grandmas.

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Or at least we could have assumed that up until this point, where it seems as though Tony might actually, kind of, sort of love the armor back. This is important information, as the story opens up with Wolverine and Peter waking up in each other's bodies. When Jean Grey dies again, as she likes to do every second week or so, her spirit gets catapulted years into future. Instead of waving off her childish love fantasies, Superman thinks this is a great chance to fulfill his lifelong cousin-marrying fantasy and flies to the alternate reality, where he immediately starts macking on the clone of his cousin and asks her to marry him, no questions asked. This terribly awkward adventure begins when Superman realizes that he and Batman are both pretty stressed from all that saving-the-world nonsense they do every day, so he invites Batman over for a goddamn sleepover at the Fortress of Solitude to discuss their feelings and have pillow fights and so forth. Like all good future abusers, the armor convinces Tony that their being together is a good idea and that they will be able to fight crime more efficiently once Tony is inside him.

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